Popular toys for indoor and outdoor

Toys are the best way to communicate to kids of all age about improving the mortar skills among toddlers and creative thinking of older kids. Choosing the right kind of play toys for children is important as lot of children are reported to get injured, due to the inappropriate toys which kids demand not suitable for the kids age. Toys form a major part of the kid’s development stage as they tend to get awestruck with the color, feature of the toys.

How to choose the right kind of toys?

While choosing toys for kids, care should be taken about

  • The material used in the toys as toddler tends to put everything in the mouth. Toys should be fire resistant as kids play near to electronic equipments which could just set off something small enough as a spark which may turn dangerous.
  • Non toxic material should be used for making the toys; paints used should be lead free as lot of time is spent by kids playing with them.

For toddlers’ toys like:

  • Pushing the train ,with or without strings are great way of engaging them to walk around and enjoy playing,
  • For preschoolers toys like puzzles, construction sets are a great choice as they engage them in bringing out their thinking and creative abilities, good eye coordination.
  • Big kids it is more about team play as they always are around friends, games like checkers, board games like monopoly make them keep their interest. A good selection of skateboards for outdoor use around the house is a great choice as big kids love the thrill of speed and can increase their concentration on the balancing act, keeping them active and agile.
  • Set of binoculars, help them play outdoors in the garden with friends.
  • Telescopes are great way to keep kids interest on sky gazing, improving their knowledge about space science.

Educational toys are the best way to make children learn the easy way, outdoor toys keep the kids active, fit and healthy.

Home Vs. Gym: Can You Be A Gymnast At Home?

Gymnastics is an activity that is practiced by both men and women. It originated from the ancient Greeks who considered mounting and dismounting a horse and circus performances as exercises and ones that require great skill. Hence, gymnastics requires good focus.

Gymnastics requires good amount of flexibility, body balance, muscle strength, coordination and control. All the movements practiced in gymnastics will help body parts such as the arms, shoulders, back, chest, legs and abdominal muscles to develop and strengthen. Practicing gymnastics requires the mind and body to be alert, confident and disciplined.

Today there are exercises that require some form of exercising equipments such as the treadmill, cycle, weights and more. However, there are few other exercises such as yoga, meditation and aerobics, which can be performed without the help of any equipment. Though there are moves in gymnastics that require the support of some equipment, few others can be easily practised at home without taking the trouble of visiting a gym.

Here are a few tips on how to become a gymnast at your own home.

  1. Make Space: Choose a spacious area in your house that is free of obstacles and wont hinder your practice sessions.
  2. Get a Gymnastic Mat: It is recommended you buy a good quality gymnastics mat and carry out your exercises on the mat spread across the floor for better grip.
  3. Get Proper Workout Clothes: Do not wear too loose or too tight fitting clothes as this will prevent you from working out freely and may cause minor accidents.
  4. Warm-up First: No matter which exercise you practice, it is best you start your session with some warm up exercises such as light cardio, small walk or jog to warm up your muscles. This is very vital as it loosens your body and prevents any muscle injury.
  5. Exercise:
  • Start with some of the basic well-known exercises that do not require any equipment such as push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, planks and wall-sits to build muscle strength.
  • Move on to flexibility exercises such as stretches and include it in your daily routine.
  • Perform basic gymnastic moves such as forward and backward rolls, handstands, back bends and cartwheels.

Hence, if you are a student or a new mom who wants to try out gymnastics as a means of exercise, then it is suggested that you seek professional help from a gymnastic trainer, videos or training manuals and check out fit2bmom before you try anything on your own.

How I Found a Great Sheet Alternative

The all-natural bamboo sheets spell comfort and elegance. When I was looking to redecorate the bedrooms in our home, I was looking for good natural alternative materials to increase the cosy, comfort of our mattress and bamboo as a sheet material worked wonderfully well for me.Here’s why!

  • Good quality bamboo sheets are smooth and soft. The material has a natural resistance to pests, fungi and bacteria and hence makes a good choice for the home.
  • This is a natural material, and hypoallergenic too, which means that it is a very good option for those who have sensitive skin and are quickly prone to allergies.
  • Bamboo sheets are eco-friendly options and do not require the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to grow. They are breathable fabrics and hence keep you cool in summers. Also, their thermal regulating characteristics mean that they can be a good option for keeping you cosy in chilly winters too.
  • The best quality bamboo sheets are durable and quite economical compared to their cotton, linen counterparts or sometimes cost as much.

If you are looking for bamboo sheets for your home, this site has great reviews for bamboo sheets. There are so many brands and a wide technical lingo, that it may sometimes become difficult to choose an appropriate material for your mattress.

The different types of bamboo sheets:

If you are looking for suitable bamboo sheets, then do understand that not all those that spell bamboo are best in quality. There are bamboo lyocells, bamboo sateen and bamboo rayon. Most brands in the market manufacture bamboo rayon which is a blend of synthetic and natural, made of cellulosic fibres.

The bamboo lyocells, however, are organic and non-toxic too. It is stronger, softer and more expensive when compared to bamboo rayon. We next have bamboo sateen which is very soft and has an excellent weave.

Bamboo linens and bamboo cotton are other great options too. The former requires a lot of maintenance and the latter is a blend of bamboo rayon and cotton which makes it a not-so-eco-friendly option.

So, its best to read the fibre contents carefully and choose what is suitable for your comfort and budget.

Ideal Bed Sheets For A Memory Foam Mattress

I don’t hesitate in calling me a cold-blooded human. Wait before you raise your eyebrows, I mean I cannot tolerate heat even if I literally freeze in cold. Then how can I bear the warm foam mattress even if it is softest of the highest order? I would rather prefer a coir mattress, which is very hard.

Then I thought about combining the comfort of a soft, warm and cozy memory foam mattress with a breathable, equally soft, and cool bedding with a bedsheet.

A welcome change in my bedroom


If you are also a kind of me, I would be happy to share with you the considerations I took to select my bed sheets:

Fabrics: I prefer the natural bed sheets and pillow covers over the synthetic ones like the polyester. I used to be a cotton fan until I bounced upon the bamboo bed sheets. Extremely soft, comfy, purely organic and moisture-bearing, the bed sheets are my sleep’s best friends now. These are the types of bamboo sheets we use in my family: the Cariloha sheets for the elder ones and the Linenwala organic sheets for the kiddos.

Thread count: This is simply the number of threads in a square inch of the fabric. The more widely spread the threads are the more breathable and cooler the sheets become. My branded choices go for thread counts of about 200 or a little below but never higher.

Texture: Comfortably soft and silky to touch and lie but not over the head smooth or slippery when you have kids playing around.

Utility and durability: I have multiple ‘messers’ in my house, so durability, ease of washing and drying count for me.

It is either the cotton or the bamboo, which gets my vote based on the situation and climate for my foam, both being organic, hypo-allergic and free from an irritating chemical made.