The History of Gray Brewing

Since 1856, the Gray Brewing Company has earned an countertop wine refrigerator esteemed reputation for offering the finest handcrafted beers and
soft drinks. Today we continue the tradition at the Tied House by handcrafting our traditional ales and lagers in small batches using only the finest ingredients available.

Our American bonfire grill menu features a wide variety: Authentic regional and seasonal specialties as well as fresh seafood, steaks, poultry, pork, pasta, salads, and sandwiches.

A complete wine list of American and old-country selections compliments our wood burning pizza oven in our upscale casual dinner house to create a memorable dining experience.

A full bar with fireplace, patio, beer garden, and live under counter wine fridge reviews music adds to our three semi-private dining rooms that can turn your special occasion into the perfect celebration.

Gray’s Tied House is a contemporary version of the traditional tied house that emerged in England during the 18th and 19th centuries. During that time beer was available at two types of public houses (pubs). A “tied house” was owned by a brewery and sold only beer that it brewed, while a “free house” was privately owned and featured beers from multiple breweries.

As the name implies, Gray’s Tied House serves products manufactured by the Gray Brewing Company which was founded in 1856 by Joshua Gray, an Irish immigrant. Since then koldfront wine cooler reviews, Gray’s has continued its tradition of producing the finest handcrafted beers, ales and sodas in its quaint brewery and bottling facility in Janesville, Wisconsin.