Ideal Bed Sheets For A Memory Foam Mattress

I don’t hesitate in calling me a cold-blooded human. Wait before you raise your eyebrows, I mean I cannot tolerate heat even if I literally freeze in cold. Then how can I bear the warm foam mattress even if it is softest of the highest order? I would rather prefer a coir mattress, which is very hard.

Then I thought about combining the comfort of a soft, warm and cozy memory foam mattress with a breathable, equally soft, and cool bedding with a bedsheet.

A welcome change in my bedroom


If you are also a kind of me, I would be happy to share with you the considerations I took to select my bed sheets:

Fabrics: I prefer the natural bed sheets and pillow covers over the synthetic ones like the polyester. I used to be a cotton fan until I bounced upon the bamboo bed sheets. Extremely soft, comfy, purely organic and moisture-bearing, the bed sheets are my sleep’s best friends now. These are the types of bamboo sheets we use in my family: the Cariloha sheets for the elder ones and the Linenwala organic sheets for the kiddos.

Thread count: This is simply the number of threads in a square inch of the fabric. The more widely spread the threads are the more breathable and cooler the sheets become. My branded choices go for thread counts of about 200 or a little below but never higher.

Texture: Comfortably soft and silky to touch and lie but not over the head smooth or slippery when you have kids playing around.

Utility and durability: I have multiple ‘messers’ in my house, so durability, ease of washing and drying count for me.

It is either the cotton or the bamboo, which gets my vote based on the situation and climate for my foam, both being organic, hypo-allergic and free from an irritating chemical made.