How I Found a Great Sheet Alternative

The all-natural bamboo sheets spell comfort and elegance. When I was looking to redecorate the bedrooms in our home, I was looking for good natural alternative materials to increase the cosy, comfort of our mattress and bamboo as a sheet material worked wonderfully well for me.Here’s why!

  • Good quality bamboo sheets are smooth and soft. The material has a natural resistance to pests, fungi and bacteria and hence makes a good choice for the home.
  • This is a natural material, and hypoallergenic too, which means that it is a very good option for those who have sensitive skin and are quickly prone to allergies.
  • Bamboo sheets are eco-friendly options and do not require the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to grow. They are breathable fabrics and hence keep you cool in summers. Also, their thermal regulating characteristics mean that they can be a good option for keeping you cosy in chilly winters too.
  • The best quality bamboo sheets are durable and quite economical compared to their cotton, linen counterparts or sometimes cost as much.

If you are looking for bamboo sheets for your home, this site has great reviews for bamboo sheets. There are so many brands and a wide technical lingo, that it may sometimes become difficult to choose an appropriate material for your mattress.

The different types of bamboo sheets:

If you are looking for suitable bamboo sheets, then do understand that not all those that spell bamboo are best in quality. There are bamboo lyocells, bamboo sateen and bamboo rayon. Most brands in the market manufacture bamboo rayon which is a blend of synthetic and natural, made of cellulosic fibres.

The bamboo lyocells, however, are organic and non-toxic too. It is stronger, softer and more expensive when compared to bamboo rayon. We next have bamboo sateen which is very soft and has an excellent weave.

Bamboo linens and bamboo cotton are other great options too. The former requires a lot of maintenance and the latter is a blend of bamboo rayon and cotton which makes it a not-so-eco-friendly option.

So, its best to read the fibre contents carefully and choose what is suitable for your comfort and budget.