Gone are the days when you had to worry about hiked electricity bills thanks to incandescent lights or the peculiarly irritating brightness of CFLs, the LED lights are here.

Though these lights are slightly more expensive as compared to conventional lights, the advantages they offer make up for it. Check out the LED Grow lights that are highly effective and pocket-friendly.

Conventional lights Vs LED lights

Until some time back, people missed the warmth of incandescent lights as opposed to the blaring bright LED’s. With time, these lights can now also give you the same effect minus the hiked bills. Some benefits of LED lights are as follows:

  • Last longer: These lights are known to last many times longer than conventional lights. They have a life of anything around 30000 hours and can outlast many incandescent bulbs at a time.
  • High Efficiency: These lights are many times more energy efficient as compared to conventional lights. They consume as little as 1/6th of what an incandescent light can. You will see a remarkable difference in your electricity bills itself.
  • Longer life: The typical filament in a regular bulb is so delicate that once it snapped, the bulb needs to be disposed of. These lights are made to withstand a higher level of shock and still function flawlessly.
  • Sturdy for rough use: We all remember how bulbs life was shortened if it was switched off and on constantly. This has practically no effect on a LED.
  • Gives out less heat: Incandescent lights tend to make a room hotter by the heat it gives out, which can be unwelcoming especially in a crowded or warm room. LED give out very little heat that can practically be ignored.

CFL Lights Vs LED lights

CFL lights were a hit in the recent past until LED lights stole their market. Here is why:

  • An LED light lasts much longer than CFL bulbs, as many as 4 times longer.
  • A CFL light is always known to be delicate and fail in cold climates, an LED functions in cold climates and lasts long too.